IAM-T1 not loading data via Bluetooth

I put the Inkbird IAM-T1 in my kid’s classroom to monitor CO2. I try to download the data weekly by walking into the classroom close enough that my app detects it, then clicking on data. I have no problem receiving the real-time data from the CO2 sensor. However, in the last 2 weeks, every time I’ve tried to download the data via Bluetooth, it will start loading it, get to around 90%, then give me an error. Do I need to reset or reinstall anything? The last time I was within 5 feet of the sensor, so the Bluetooth connection was strong but in the past I’ve been able to download it from right outside the classroom (about 30 feet).

May I know what error will it display?
Please make sure INKBIRD APP is the latest version.
Could you please email support@inkbird.com with the phone model, phone system version, and video of the process of opening the chart?