I need help with the Bluetooth Pool Thermometer Floating Meter Waterproof LCD Screen Aquarium C/F UK

Does anyone have this item please. It works using the ENGBIRD app ?
I need some help

May I know the specific problem?
Please make sure you purchase IBS-P01B and not IBS-P01.
IBS-P01B can connect to Engbird app or INKBIRD app (select IBS-THS model) via Bluetooth.
When connecting, please ensure that the Bluetooth and location functions of your phone are turned on and that your phone does not automatically connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Can you please send me a link for BOTH of these items so I can see them.

Thank you

6 months on…no reply…well that’s great customer service … NOT

Sorry, maybe for some reason, this information was not displayed at that time.
Please understand that IBS-P01 has been discontinued.
The link of IBS-P01B is:

There is a Bluetooth logo on the screen of IBS-P01B for identification.

thank you for the information…finally