Getting hooked up to Internet to register

I have a IBBQ-4T device. Having a problem getting Verification code with mobile number. I have registered on line. Additionally, when turning the Inkbird on, no WIFI signal is showing.

the App on my Droid is not letting me register

  1. It asks me for an email address then adds a 1- in front of it like a Mobil number.
  2. When I try to get a verification number by my mobile number, it says that my country region is not supported.

Please refer to this post:

Still having a problem even with pro

The issue is that when i put my email address in, the ink bird program automaticly adds a 1 to it and then the email address becomes unusable. It asks for email but what it really is asking for is my mobil number.

I tryed each way. I am not getting a validation code. Thought that i might be because that eveyone is on new year holiday?? :wink:

So i registered with i bird pro

I do i access the remote temperature info on my smart phone. Which app?

Hello Tania,

I still have been unsuccessful in getting set up. I got through everything but the problem is now that my phone with the APP will not par with the device. I have tried countless ways. The modem is 2.5G and the APP is searching to Par. I am within 10 feet of the modum and a few inches of the device. If it possible that I have a defective device?


May I know are you using the latest version of the Inkbird pro app?
Please check if the router settings are correct:

Please refer to this video:
Can it be successful?