Q&A: How to register INKBIRD app account?

Please download the INKBIRD app via the app store or google play.
Please open the INKBIRD app and choose to register.
Please fill in your email address and get the verification code to register.
If you do not receive the code, please make sure that the email address is entered correctly and check the junk mail.
The verification code will be sent from system@email.inkbird.com or system@txemail.ink-bird.net. Please whitelist them.
If it still cannot work, please change to another email address for a try. It may be blocked by your email system.

In addition, the app has a way to log in as soon as possible. Please click ‘Get verification code’, wait for one minute, please do not exit the app during the waiting period. After a minute, please click ‘Get verification code’ again. After three repetitions, it will not require a verification code to register.
However, please note that if you register by this method, if you want to change the password in the future, it needs to contact support@inkbird.com to get a manual verification.