Q&A: How to register for INKBIRD pro APP?

Please search and download INKBIRD pro through the Google play/ APP store.
Please open the INKBIRD pro APP and click Register.

It will prompt you to enter your mailbox and password. After clicking register, it will prompt you to enter the verification code.


Please enter the mailbox and find the verification code. After filling in, the account can be successfully registered.

Please note:

  1. The account of INKBIRD official website and the account of INKBIRD pro APP are not shared. If you only registered an account on the INKBIRD official website, please re-register in the INKBIRD pro APP.
  2. When sending the verification code, the beginning of the email address displayed in the app will be marked with a numeric code. For example, if the region is selected as USA, it will display ‘1-’. It will not affect the reception of the verification code.
  3. Because some mailbox systems will automatically intercept the verification code mail/classify it as spam, which may cause the verification code to fail to be sent. If possible, please use Gmail to register.