Entering IOS Widget Product # Failed for IBBQ-4T. Why?

The product name IBBQ-4T or any device name doesn’t exist when setting up the widget in IOS. Why?

I am having a similar problem with IBBQ-4BW. In my case, it won’t pair to my Samsung S22 android smart phone even though I have followed every suggestion made by support. It is odd that even though I loaded the app, it doesn’t find it in my blue tooth list when I try to pair.
Uncle Rollo

Please understand that the product models supported by the widget are limited, currently it does not support IOS to display the IBBQ-4T widget function.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of ‘INKBIRD’ app.
Please make sure that Bluetooth and location functions are turned on in the phone settings. To prevent interference, please make sure your phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
If possible, please provide a video of how you connected the IBBQ-4BW , please send it to email support@inkbird.com. This can help technicians check if there are any overlooked details.