Disable thermostat / allow relais control

I use my ITC-308 WiFi for a fermentation chamber, but when not fermenting I’m using the cooling device (fridge) for it’s original purpose, i.e. without the heating.

Currently that means I need to either:

  • Unplug everything and plug the fridge into a “normal” socket
  • Set the temperature lower than the fridge will be, and also lower the low temp alarm. Inkbird is constantly “cooling”

I think it would be a nice improvement if the app had a function to disable the thermostat/temp control functionality and allow manual control of the sockets in that mode.

Sorry, the thermostat/temp control functionality of the ITC-308WIFI cannot be disabled. I will send it as a suggestion to the engineer.

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Thanks. It seems to me (layman) it probably shouldn’t be too hard and would be a really nice improvement.