Differences IBT 4XS / 4XC and IBT 24S


Could you explain the main pros and cons between these three devices? As I see it they all have 4probes functionality, all come with 1 Dome probe and all connect through bluetooth. I am trying to decide which one to get, but am getting lost as to what the differences are.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Both the IBT-4XS and IBT-4XC connect to the BBQ GO app via Bluetooth, they will have temporary chart data but the data cannot be exported. The IBT-4XS body is not waterproof, the IBT-4XC body is IPX5 waterproof.
IBT-24S is upgraded on the basis of IBT-4XS. It connects to the INKBIRD app via bluetooth, it has chart data and the data can be exported in CSV. format via the app. It only has pointed probes. Its body is not waterproof.

Thank you for your fast answer. Are the pointed probes equally suited for measuring dome temperature?

Yes, pointed probes are available for measuring ambient temperature.