Can’t measure boiling water!

INT-11P-B can’t measure boiling water 212F. The APP errors that it has gone over its maximum temperature. The device is rated 4F to 212F. I calibrated in crushed ice water with a -4F adjustment made needed. I feel that the software detecting the maximum temperature is not taking in account the calibration values. Help please

During the boiling water test, the temperature of the container may be higher than the temperature of the water, which will exceed the endurance range of the probe. Please use ice water for calibration.

That would be true if I just let the thermometer rest on the pan holding the boiling water, I did NOT. Boiling water doesn’t get any hotter than 212*F.

Secondly, why did the app error at 203F if the max temperature is 212F as stated in specifications?

In order to test a thermometer correctly, it should be calibrated on the low temperature then verified on the high side of temperature. By you telling me to verify with ice water 32*F only, you are telling me it’s only accurate at lower temperatures?

The hardware is most likely working @ the higher temperatures but the software isn’t. Your specifications state the product; as a whole, works @ 212*F but it doesn’t. Please repair your software.

Just received my INT-11P-B, and experienced the same problem as OP. I wanted to check the accuracy close to my normal BBQ smoking temperatures (NOT at ice temperatures, 0 oC!). So I immersed the whole probe in boiling water on a cloth (probe NOT touching the metal pan). I checked the accurate temperature of the boiling water with my calibrated Thermapen. It was 100.0 +/– 0.1 oC. When the Inkbird app showed 95 oC, I got a WARNING display about exceeding temperature.

But I left the thermometer in the boiling water, and both internal and ambient readings eventually settled at 100 oC and stayed constant. So the probe IS ACCURATE (+/– 1 oC). Good!

I suspect your engineers programmed a safety margin for a pre-warning of 5 oC , to give users opportunity to remove the probe before any damage is done. But using the probe to calibrate (if needed) using 100 oC boiling water, should NOT void the warranty, because it is stated clearly in your specifications for that the internal probe van be used up to 100 oC.

Can you please confirm my theory about the pre-warning at 95 oC?

If it can be ensured that the water temperature during measurement will not exceed 100C, it can be used for comparison calibration.
We are just concerned that when the water is at 100C, its container may exceed 100C. In order to avoid damage caused by the food probe touching the container, 0C ice water test is an option.
Because in some cooking, the temperature rises very quickly. The 95C alarm can provide response time and prompt the user to check. It is designed to protect the probe.
Therefore, if it needs to be used for a long time, we recommend that the food probe be used at temperature below 95C.

Unless boiling water is under pressure, it will not get over 212F. When the probe hits 203F the alarm hit & doesn’t recover for normal operations until under 203*F. Failure. This product does not work as advertised.

Thank you Tania. I completely understand your engineers’ build of a 5 oC safety margin warning for the internal probe, and concern about the metal pan surface being >100 oC. I am very pleased with the accuracy out of the box of +/– 1oC of both ambient and internal sensors.

Also leaving the probe out of the charger for 3 days at room temperature has only dropped the probe charge to 55% and the box charger to 87%. So your specifications of the fully charged probe lasting 24 hours has been well exceeded. Good job! Thank you.

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