BBQ Go Draining iPhone Battery

I am using Inkbird Smart Wireless Thermometer IBT-4XS. This is connected via bluetooth to my iPhone 7.
I now note that on last few occasions, although thermometer turned off, BBQ Go continues to drain the battery.
Any suggestions please.


May I know if you have the BBQ GO app closed in the iPhone background?
If it’s already closed in the background, will it still drain the iPhone’s battery?

Thank you for your response.

BBQ Go does not appear under ‘Background App Refresh’. It seems all other apps are there.

Should I delete BBQ Go and re-instal?



Normally, if the BBQ GO app is not running in the background, it will not work and consume battery.
Are you checking that BBQ GO is still consuming power via your phone’s power consumption page? Or what is the source to get is BBQ GO app still consuming battery?
Could you provide screenshots?