Which Beer are You Most Excited to Brew in 2023?

See how wonderful the home brewing that beer lovers will try in 2023! :smile:

Fabry, from CraftRoots: I’ve been brewing more lagers, which are always a thrill to release. I enjoy seeing our customers’ eyes light up when they see a new beer on our tap list, especially a lager because they don’t quite expect lagers regularly just yet. I’ve kept it to pilsners, Viennas. I’d love to brew a Schwarzbier, maybe a few lighter lager styles too, like a Helles.

Milford has a very diverse ethnic makeup, and I often hear customers wish for a beer that would remind them of their familiar dark lagers. This is a great technical brewing challenge for me to pursue.

Rondeau, from Penny Pinchers: We are always excited to do new experimental brews! Nothing on the books yet, but people should follow us on social media to see what the crew comes up with next.

Gallaghers, from Lost Shoe: We have finally started to settle into our core beers available on a rotating or seasonal basis. Our Crossroads of New England series is exciting because we get to experiment with two different hop varietals, and our Galoshes of Fortune series allows us to push the boundaries on our fruited-sour offerings. What we are most excited about this year are the beers we have planned with other breweries.

Quinn, from Amory’s Tomb: I can’t talk specifics yet because it hasn’t been announced, but there is a beer I have been toying with in my head for a while and I think 2023 is the year. Think hoppy, spicy, and fruity married with tequila and wine.

Content extracted from Worcester Business Journal.