What is your Best Winter Beers for 2022

We share a list of the best winter beers that you may would like to stock in this winter 2022, so we can enjoy our favorite winter beers while staying cozy at home.
1. Scotch Ale (Wee Heavys);
Many Scotch ales also offer higher alcohol by volume, making them perfect for cold winter days. Gamey meats, spicy foods, and creamy desserts are recommended to server these tasty brews.

2. Barleywine;
While American-style barleywines are intensely hopped for a more bitter and hop-forward taste, English varieties tend to offer a more balanced combination of malt and hops.
We would serve this winter beer style with a charcuterie board of cured meats and creamy cheeses.

3. Baltic Porter;
Baltic porters are top-fermenting ales that offer a smoky, roasted, malty character with a full-bodied mouthfeel.
Serving baltic porters with barbecued meats, stews, and semi-hard cheeses are recommended.

4. Doppelbock;
Enjoy our malty doppelbocks with red meat, pork, and sharp cheeses :wink:

5. Barrel Aged Beer;
Barrel aged beers is always paired with smoked foods, oysters, or a pan-seared steak, will you love this?

6. Winter Warmer;
Traditionally, English strong ales and spiced Wassail beers fall under the umbrella of winter warmers, so be sure to keep plenty of these brews on hand during the winter months. Consider serving them with poultry, baked goods, and fruit.

After reading this share, what is your favorite/best winter beers for the coming winter 2022? Please comment and share :slightly_smiling_face:

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Meet the winter and enjoy our beers!