Using olive oil instead of water

I would like to cook cod steak in olive oil at 70°C for around 20 minutes. I already tried it but without PID and it was tricky to maintain temperature below 70°C. It’s a nice recipe !
Hence my questions : is it possible to use olive oil with ISV devices ?
As the fish flesh is very fragile, is it possible to cancel or dim (adjust) the fan action ?

Tanks for answering.

If you mean to put the ISV-100W in direct contact with olive oil, I am sorry to say that this is probably not recommended. This is because it may lead to a build-up of oil inside the ISV-100W water leaves, which may interfere with the use of the ISV-100W.
If possible, please vacuum pack the food and then place it in the water and heat it with the ISV-100W.