Ten Types of Mead

What are the different types of mead? :face_with_peeking_eye:

  1. Traditional: A traditional mead is one that is made from just honey, yeast, and water. They are often considered the most difficult to make since you aren’t adding any flavors except that from the honey.
  2. Acerglyn: Mead made with maple syrup.
  3. Braggot: A braggot is a mead made with malt and is more of a beer style than mead.
  4. Cyser: Mead made with apple juice or cider.
  5. Hydromel: This is the name for a low-alcohol mead that is more in the A.B.V. range of a beer. They can be sparkling (carbonated) or still (non-carbonated) and are often found in cans.
  6. Pyment: Mead made with grapes.
  7. Metheglin: Mead that is made with botanicals or spices.
  8. Capsicumel: This is the name for a mead made with spicy peppers.
  9. Bochet: A bochet is a mead made with caramelized honey.
  10. Sack Mead: Mead that is made sweeter by the addition of twenty to twenty-five percent more honey.