Setup help (2 rooms x 3 houses)

I will need to measure and record temperature and humidity in the living room and bedroom of 3 houses in the same area. Assuming that each house has their own wifi, what setup is the best? I was thinking of using the TH3 PLUS so that is 2 sensors per house with a total of 6 sensors.

I need to record data in 10 min interval for 1 month.

Can I connect the 6 sensors in only 1 phone using the InkBird app? Will connecting to a house’s wifi only show the devices connected to that wifi? Would I need several phones to view and download data? Do I need a gateway? Do you think the TH1 or TH2 is also good for this purpose?

This is for my thesis so any help is appreciated. Thank you!

interesting question. I would like to know also.

6 IBS-TH3 PLUS connected to different 2.4GHz wifi (internet accessible) can be connected to the INKBIRD app on the same mobile phone.
When connecting for the first time, the phone needs to be connected to the house’s 2.4GHz wifi (internet accessible) to pair the IBS-TH3 PLUS. After the connection is successful, IBS-TH3 PLUS needs to maintain the 2.4GHz wifi connection with the house, and the mobile phone can change the network and go to the next house to repeat this operation.
As long as IBS-TH3 PLUS remains connected to the house 2.4GHz wifi, the phone can use different networks to view data.