A little worried about my new wifi sensor

I recently found INKBIRD released a sensor that can connect to the app with wifi, I am considering if it can help to upgrade my pet room.

I use Ibs-th2, the one with a screen, to monitor my frog terrarium.
But recently, it’s getting cold in their room, I would like to monitor the temp and rh when not at home in case there is something wrong.
I looked around here and inkbird website, and found a new product ibs-th3 wifi, it looks convenient to connect to my phone, a sentence on its product page says, thanks to the infinite-distance control, we can remotely get real-time temperature and humidity, no matter where we are. I think it may be the one I NEED.
BTW, a question, can it tolerate the high humidity?
Anyway, I will give it a try first.


new here, following…

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The humidity measurement range of IBS-TH3 is 0% - 99%RH, but please note that it is not waterproof.
After the IBS-TH3 is connected to the app via wifi, you can use your phone to view data remotely.

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Thanks for your answer! Ordered!

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