Q&A: How to clean ISV-100W/ISV-200W?

Under normal circumstances, ISV-100W/ISV-200W do not need to be cleaned, please ensure that the water is clean and free of impurities when cooking.
If there is some attachment inside the ISV-100W/ISV-200W stainless steel cylinder, please put a little vinegar/cleaning agent in the water. Please run the ISV-100W/ ISV-200W, its water cycle will drain the dirt.
If the attachments inside the ISV-100W/ISV-200W stainless steel barrel cannot be cleaned by water circulation, please remove the stainless steel barrel/plastic cover according to the unlocking mark of the stainless steel barrel/plastic cover, then clean it with a rag. After cleaning, please reinstall the stainless steel barrel/plastic cover.