Model 608-T displaying "End"?

Any insight on 608-T displaying ‘End’ below the Pv2 value (which incidentally is correct)? Am I missing a code listing of End in the timer op’s sections of the manual?
Assuming it means end of a multicycle ramp mode except that I was in T=0 parameter. ??

Could you please provide a picture of the ‘End’ display?
Did you just plug in a temperature probe and use the temperature mode?
Is it possible to provide the setting values of the ITC-608T?

Fig 1

Testing: Did this copy on your end?

Settings initially were setpoint of 40F and factory default differentials of 3 deg.

Green LED
1200 Watt chiller operated ~ 8hrs and then tripped. (Temp reached 45F)

I consulted the engineer, END will be only triggered when the time mode is set.
This problem is a bit strange :thinking:, please let me confirm again, is the TR of ITC-608T set to 0?
Please check the display of the code, because it is a 7-segment display, the display of letters will be different from the normal one, and it may be confused with other parameters.
If the settings are correct, please contact the seller to replace the ITC-608T.

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Thanks! Will doublecheck and reset.

P.S.- What is the preferred method of resetting all parameters to default?

(Thank you in advance.)


Re: Found Manual pgs. reference for “End” symbol displayed- (UX=n etc.)

  1. Controller did show T= 2; UT was set for “hours” unit and several values were programmed
    for duration, stages and probably SST and STT… didn’t look. The controller was performing perfectly but I cleared / reset to default. ( …and then I read the ENTIRE manual in detail :smile:)

2.(Confirmed no volatile memory.)

  1. Previous settings parameters
    by another acuated when I
    plugged it in.

  2. Per 2.1 depressing the “V”
    button did reset to defaults but
    did not chirp or beep.

Thanks. Up and running.

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