ITC-306T temp controller "ERR"

Alarm and “ERR” message - replugging and outlet switching does not resolve.

First will show set temp and current temp read, as normal, then buzzer+ERR. Cannot enter settings or make temp mods with any of the buttons - cannot clear.

Device is typically plugged in an programmable power strip with auto day/night + constant-on outlets. This particular thermostat only runs on the day programming - strip and device itself is never tinkered with beyond periodic temp setting adjustments. Runs 9am - 9p. Have two other Inkbird temp controllers operative without issues, including one that runs 24/7. All are fairly new ( <2 yrs old?)

Fix please? Bearded dragon needs appropriate day temp controls for optimal health!

ITC-306T is guaranteed for 1 year.
May I know that where did you place the probe?
Please check if the probe and cable are in good condition?
Could you please clean the probe and cable, then use a hairdryer to dry the entire unit for a while, then test the probe in the air temperature, can it read correctly?
If no, please contact, please provide your order number and attach a screenshot of this post.

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In bearded dragon enclosure and the dragon doesn’t bother with it (set out of the way). Will clean probe and recheck. Wire should be fine as it runs underneath the enclosure and it’s never moved - unless the issue is at the controller end, which is attached to the wall - but I will check. Thank you for the additional instructions!

If you are wondering if it’s an issue with the heating device - it doesn’t seem to be. It was regulating a ceramic heat emitter via a ceramic-socketed dome. Granted, the ceramic heat emitter itself seems to have been burning out (as it does after use, though it’s not as obvious when it does, like with lighted bulbs, as it only heats) and the replacement CHE is currently 100% functional, using the same dome socket and outlet. The replacement CHE did not correct the controller ERR, either.

Is it possible it’s recalling an error that stemmed from the CHE burning out, regardless of where/when there’s power source connectivity, and regardless of not having a device plugged in? Considering I did not need to re-set the max temp at -any- point since the first ERR, including after being 100% unplugged from -any- power source and sans device for several days - might have even been a week! Actually, this does strike me as odd now… Any thoughts on that?

I consulted the engineers, they replied that this may be caused by the long service life of the product and problems inside the product. Please understand that all electronic products have service life, and aging of internal parts is normal. However, we will also conduct further analysis on this problem and look forward to better avoiding this problem in the future.
Please send me a private message of your order information and country, so that I can confirm whether it is within the warranty period?
Thank you for your long-term support and trust in Inkbird.