Itc 306a wifi tempreture controller

Hi there ive bought 2 itc 306a wifi temperature controllers ive bought them to control the temperature in my python vivarium i have placed one sensor in one half of the vivarium and the other sensor in the other half of the vivarium i wanted it control the the temp in hot side to 32c and in the cold end monitor the temp didnt exceed 24c im currenly using a heat mat and a sepeate ciramic heater lamp to heat the temperatures in the hot side to 32c and have nothing controlling temperature in cold side i keep getting this e4 error and finding it impossible to get this to heat my hot side to 32c i believe the e4 error is due to temperature diference between the two probes can this device be used to control the temperatures in two seperate areas in one tank if so how come i keep gettin this e4 error all time or does it only controll one area and the probes have to be installed side by side in same area not in seperate halfs of the vivarium if anyone can help please email any help will be greatfully recieved im based in uk so only understand english thanks guys

E4 means the temperature difference between 2 probes is bigger than 3℃/5℉.
Please place the two probes side by side, will it still trigger the E4 alarm?
If yes, please dry both probes with a hair dryer, then test the air temperature, does it read properly?