Isc-027bw adapter


My adapter, the larger one, doesn’t fully seal the lower vent. Can I purchase another that I can adapt to make an airtight fit?

May I know the model of the oven and how much the adapter deviates?
Please understand that the ISC-027BW supports a limited number of oven models.
There is a metal piece in the ISC-027BW package, which can be used to extend the edge of the adapter. After installation, is it not big enough?

Hi Tanya,

It’s a BM 21” Kamado, similar in design to a Kamado Bono.

The adapter is just a little too tall for my vent”s aperture.

I wanted a spare adapter so that I could round of the opposite edges and then it could be offered up to the lower vent at 45 degrees and “screwed”, that 45 degrees, into place.

I hope that description makes sense


Sorry, the BM 21” Kamado is not marked as a compatible model for the ISC-027BW, but we can try it.
Please confirm whether the air inlet of the oven can be opened as shown in the picture? Can it accommodate the interface diameter of the ISV-027BW adapter?

If it can, please install the adapter from the inside of the oven and pass the adapter interface through the air inlet, and then fix it with the sliding door of the air inlet.
The adapter that comes with the ISC-027BW is not sold separately. If you still wish to purchase one, I would ask the relevant salesperson.

Hi Tania,

The vent, in the the photo, is identical to mine.

The adapter of my, now not functioning ISC-007BW slipped under the tag on the left hand side, as the nozzle wasn’t as thick and, more base plate was available at the edge to be able to do this.

With the 027 adapter being larger, it can’t tuck in so tight and leaves a gap.

I’ll pursue purchasing it elsewhere but first, can you quote its part number?


Please understand that the ISC-027BW is not compatible with other brands of air inlet adapters.
Please refer to the purchase link of ISC-027BW air inlet adapter: