InkBird hardware is FANTASTIC! But the apps need to be better

Hello all,

I just love the InkBird product line, but unless I am using the wrong app, I really believe that the iPhone apps are the weakest link. :frowning:

I have asked before, but I haven’t seen any significant updates in a long time.

In my opinion, the following are real pain points with the InkBird apps (iPhone perspective):

Engbird app: every time “Diagram” is selected, the app needs to download ALL the data from the sensor; depending on the distance from the sensor, it can take about 1 minute each time… even if you just looked at the diagram moments ago.

Engbird app and InkBird Pro: Inexplicably, both devices do not allow viewing of historical data in landscape. If I want to see 6 months or a year of data, the Engbird is slightly better, but still, this data is best viewed in landscape, but there is no option. When I need to create a proper report, I must export the csv data.

Thanks for your feedback.
Engbird app: It needs to be reloaded because the app needs to refresh to read the sensor data every time the chart is opened. This is the way it works. If it were to be modified, it would involve a lot of aspects, sorry it doesn’t have an update at the moment.
Engbird app and InkBird Pro: Regarding the landscape feature, it’s already in the optimization plan. The engineers will update it into the apps as soon as it’s done.