IBS-TH5 has lost WiFi connection & will no longer pair in app

Today, my one of my IBS-TH5 units reported that it had lost its WiFi connection. When I attempt to pair with the mobile app, the unit fails consistently and repeatedly. I am no longer able to connect the unit to my WiFi network. Now, what?

Please check the homepage of INKBIRD app, is there an offline IBS-TH5?
If yes, please delete it and add the device again.
Please place IBS-TH5 next to the router when connecting.
Please ensure that the router’s settings have not been changed, it has no limit on the number of connected devices, and the name and password are entered correctly.
If it still doesn’t work, could you please email support@inkbird.com, please provide order information and a video of how you did it?
This can help support check if there are any details that were overlooked.

Hi, Tania:

I’ve tried all of your suggestions multiple times with no success. I repeatedly get “Pairing Failed. Please follow the app instructions and try again.” on the IBS-TH5 display. As I’ve noted, I have two of these units and the other one functions perfectly. In fact, both units worked flawlessly until yesterday when one unit lost its WiFi connection. I’ve also tried with two different routers, two different 2.4GHz SSID’s, even two different mobile phones. No success. I will contact support@inkbird.com to request a warranty replacement.