IBS-TH3 WiFi blue light flashing all the time and no connection

My device was working fine for weeks. Yesterday it didn’t connect in the phone app. The device had the blue led flashing non stop. I tried new batteries but still blue flashing light. I have tried to figure out what the blue flashing light means but there seems to be scant technical documentation around. Has anyone else experienced this and were you able to resolve it? Not sure if it is faulty or just needs to be reset somehow.

The blue led light of IBS-TH3 is the WIFI indicator light.
If it flashes, it may be caused by unstable WIFI signal or WIFI disconnection.
Please replace the batteries of IBS-TH3. If the battery is insufficient, its signal reception ability may be weakened.
Please put the IBS-TH3 next to the router to test. If you wait for a while and it still cannot restore the connection, the WIFI connection may be disconnected.
Please delete the offline IBS-TH3 in the app and reconnect it.