I think I bought the wrong controller, which one do I need?

I purchased the ISC-027BW thinking I could use it to introduce cool outside air into my stand up smoker to DECREASE the temperature when the gas burner temperature got too hot, in order to use the PID to keep the internal temperature down to 225F. However, it looks like this unit is designed to INCREASE the temperature of the smoker by blowing air over the hot coals in a coal smoker. That is not my situation.

I do not believe the unit can be reversed to my needs, where it only works when the temperature EXCEEDS 225F. Is that correct?

If so, is there another unit you make that can be programmed to begin working when the smoker exceeds 225, and perhaps would turn off at 230 or 235 degrees?


Please understand that ISC-027BW is a heating controller. Its principle is to turn on the fan to provide oxygen into the oven according to temperature changes, to increase the temperature to the target temperature.
For example, if the target temperature is set to 230F, ISC-027BW will adjust the fan speed according to the temperature change to heat the temperature to 230F when the temperature is lower than 230F.

Yes, I now realize that. I ended up finding a cooler controller from another manufacturer that has a maximum temperature of 251F, which works well for my application. I could not find a cooler controller on your website that went that high.