HOW TO: What Will You Need As a Planting Beginner?

As for a planting beginner, what we need to start our planting, especially our indoor planting?
Here is the key points from a blog posted in INKBIRD official website which may be helpful to all:

The Air
If you’ve never grown anything and didn’t pay attention in science class, then you may not know that plants thrive in fresh air and carbon dioxide, which is essential for photosynthesis.
So we need to build some air and ventilation system.

Choose The Controls
Now, it’s time to make your grow room even better. It’s now the moment where you begin to pick out all the products you’re going to need to help your plants grow.
We need to have the followig controllers:
a. CO₂ Controller;
b. Temperature Controller;
c. Humidity Controller;
d. temperature and/or humidity monitors;

Cleaning Tools
Cleaning tools near your grow room or in your grow room are essential for when you have a spill or you need to keep your room clean. Like any room of your home, you want to make sure that there’s no dirt all over the floor, that the plant containers are sturdy, and that the plant nutrients are all in the same space.

Pick Up Nutrients For The Plants
Lastly, when you’re growing, you need to pick out what type of nutrients you need for your plants.

As for the full blog, please visit: HOW TO: What Will You Need As a Planting Beginner? – INKBIRD