How to export in real time the temperature reading to external web site?

I would like to use INKBIRD product to export the temperature reading to an external webite for real time display of the temperature of my lake to all.

How to proceed and what equipment to use ?
Does Inkbird have an application we can integrate directly to our website or an URL which can display the temperature reading we can then export to the website ?
Would the WiFi IBS-M1 be adequate ?
Please comment, your help would be appreciated.


Sorry, they currently only support exporting data in CSV format via the INKBIRD APP.

Hi Tania. Can you explain how to export the csv data? I have the pth9cw and ihc200wifi

Sorry, the data of pth9cw cannot be exported.
The data of IHC-200-WIFI can be exported through INKBIRD APP → IHC-200-WIFI → Diagram → export icon in the upper right corner.