How to add Family Member - Inkbird Pro

Attempting to add a family member to Inkbird Pro. I go to Account / Home Management, select my home, select Add members and type in the name, eMail address and then select “Add to” at the top of screen; message pops up “Failed to Add”.

Does the user I’m adding have to already have an Inkbird Pro account setup?

Yes, the user you plan to add will need to register the same app account to enable the function of adding family members.

Thanks. I decided to change to Inkbird (non Pro). You know it’s so confusing with all the different InkBird apps in the Play Store, (InkBird / InkBird Pro / InkBirdSmart / EngBird).

Sorry for the confusion.
We understand that the current number of apps is a bit much and our current plan is to use the INKBIRD APP as the only app. The INKBIRD app is currently compatible with the Inkbird pro app and Inkbird smart app products. However, at the moment it is still in the integration phase, so devices with the Engbird app and BBQ GO app are not yet available on the INKBIRD app.

And what is the point of registering various family members again? …because the app suddenly doesn’t think I’m the head of the family and I have no permissions to do anything and now I’m stuck. Please advise and thanks.

The function to add family members is intended to allow other people to view data from INKBIRD products as well, it is not intended to allow the same person to re-register for an account.
May I know if the app you are using is INKBIRD or Inkbird pro?
If you wait 3 hours before viewing it, will it still show this prompt?

Hi Tania, I’m using Engbird and InkBird Pro. I had to create a new account under a different email address because I was removed as head family member in my original account. In my opinion, you have a nice product as-is without the need for the family feature which I don’t imagine is used very much, though I may be wrong.