Function of Engbird in Inkbird app - please add MAC Address to exported log

Thanks for including the Engbird functionality into the Inkbird app. Using the IBS-THS Device type, the IBS-TH1 Plus can well be used in the Inkbird app now. However there are some caveats still:

  1. The exported log does not contain the header line with MAC address like in the Engbird app.
    Please add the MAC address in the first line like it was with the Engbird app.
  2. The name of the device is limited to 15 characters, which it is not in the Engbird app.
    Please remove the limitation, as this may apply for cloud devices but not for local BT devices.


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Thank you for your suggestions, I have sent them to the engineers, they will optimize them as soon as possible.

One thing I forgot:
The battery percentage is not shown as well.
The symbol changes shape, but the number is not shown as it is in the Engbird App.

Thanks for your feedback, they will add this feature in the future.