Does Inkbird 11C-800 work with Netafim solenoid valve

I have purchased a 2C-800 controller and want to use it with Netafim Aquanet+ 12-40V DC Latch (pulse) valves. Looks like these are not compatible as when I try manual or automatic irrigation the controller flashes up an error message which instantly disappears and nothing happens. Do I need to replace the valves?

Please understand that the valve power supported by IIC-800-WIFI is 24VAC, 1A.
It is not compatible if using 12-40V DC.

What you need is a rectifier that converts the AC of the InkBird into the DC of your valve. This is a very simple electronic task, made not much more difficult by the fact that you should probably add a current limiter to protect the rectifier and valve. You want to go to an electronic store and ask for such a rectifier, most likely the cheapest one will do.
Alternatiely, you can also use a “dry” (potential-free) electonic switch like the Shelly 1 plus which is controlled by the Inkbird and does or does not let through the voltage from the original power supply unit of your valve (a DC power supply),
Depending on the number of “zones” (number of valves) that you want to use, a Shelly or several Shellies are capable of doing the InkBird’s job, and possibly much better.
If all this sounds complicated (it is not), you may ask a person with a little knowledge of electronics.
Good luck

Many thanks ALue. Your solution will definitely work. However my Netfim valves are almost 20 years old and I decided to replace them as I only have two zones


John ONeill