Cannot connect ibbq-4T

Device was previously connected to a different wifi network, but now, it will not connect at all. On the device itself, the wifi symbol flashes quickly, phone is connected to 2.4Ghz, device and phone both next to the router, yet inkbird Pro app cannot locate the device.

I also cannot get the device to turn on slow blink mode. Tried pressing 3x and 3x again and waiting, and it just keeps blinking quickly.

Please help!

Maybe you could try it with the INKBIRD app? It is based on the Inkbird pro upgrade.
When switching the WIFI mode, please make sure to press the button each time, after pressing three times, please wait for a few seconds, it takes a little time to switch the mode.
For some precautions, please refer to:

I’ve tried with both apps and multiple devices. I’ve read through every suggestion in the message board and have not been able to get it to connect.

Is the WIFI indicator on the IBBQ-4T always on/blinking/disappearing during connection?