WiFi/Cloud Data Storage Question


For devices connected to WiFi (either directly or via the gateway), is the data stored in the cloud or only stored on the mobile device?

For example, if my phone is off for 30 days, and the sensor is connected to WiFi and set to a measurement interval that allows it to locally store data for 10 days, when I reconnect my phone, will I see all 30 days of data (because its stored in the cloud somewhere), or only the most recent 10 days of data (because it is only stored locally on the sensor or locally on my phone)?

Thank you

The data obtained by the WIFI device/gateway is uploaded to the cloud through the 2.4GHz wifi that can access the Internet. It is not stored locally on the WIFI device/gateway or locally on the phone. Turning off the phone won’t affect its data upload unless it’s disconnected from the 2.4GHz wifi.
However, the devices supported by IBS-M1 are: IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1 Plus, IBS-P01B, ITH-20R-O, IBS-P01R-O, IBS-P02R-O, IBS-TH2, IBS -TH2 PLUS.
Among them, the data of IBS-TH1, IBS-TH1 Mini, IBS-TH1 Plus, IBS-P01B, IBS-TH2, IBS-TH2 PLUS will be stored locally on the sensor. If they are directly connected to the Engbird app via Bluetooth, the Engbird app can read local data from sensors.