Some Mistakes that May be Made by Aquarium Beginners

For newcomers to fish farming, it is inevitable that they will encounter problems that can lead to sickness or even total destruction of their fish. So let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that novices need to avoid making.

:x: Opening the tank and releasing the fish in a hurry.
Set up the filter, temperature controllers, and other basic equipment, and wait a few days to see if the filter is working and the controller is at the right temperature before putting the fish in the tank.
:x: Change the water too frequently or forget to change it.
Water is the environment in which your fish live and the quality of the water is a direct determinant of their health. Changing the water in the tank can keep the water clean and promote the metabolism of the fish, allowing them to develop better. However, it is important not to change the water too often as this will upset the balance in the tank. It is also important not to leave the water unchanged for long periods of time.
:x: Overfeeding.
Another problem that newcomers may make is overfeeding. It is important to feed your fish about the same amount every day, not one more and one less, as they will easily get enteritis. Feed your fish until they are about eight percent full. Too much food can lead to too much organic matter in the water, which can pollute the water.
:x: Mix all kinds of fish.
Don’t mix cold and tropical fish, don’t mix soft and irritable ones, and don’t mix different eating habits. Fish that are not kept in good condition can also lead to fish death.

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