Q: IBBQ-4T won't connect to Wi-Fi

A: Please check as below:

① The phone is connected to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

② Press the power button of the thermometer quickly for 3 times, then the Wi-Fi icon of the device will blink rapidly.

③ Please put the IBBQ-4T close to the Wi-Fi router and phone.

④ Pair it on the Inkbird pro app, please make sure the Wi-Fi password is correct.

⑤ The Wi-Fi router encryption method was WPA/ WPA2-PSK.

⑥ The battery of IBBQ-4T was fully charged.

⑦ If still cannot work, please reboot the Wi-Fi router and test with another phone.

Here is a video for reference:

Been through all that multiple times.

Have you figured anything else out? We had previously been able to connect the device but I got a new phone and had to go through the process again and now it won’t connect. So frustrating! Our router automatically goes between 2.4GHz and 5GHz so I don’t know what else to do.

May I know the phone model and app you are using?
Please make sure the phone is kept connected to 2.4GHz wifi during pairing, it will not automatically switch to 5GHz wifi.
Please refer to this troubleshooting post:

I constantly have to repair my inkbird to the router, each and every time i use my smoker or want to use the inkbird. it is super frustrating to have to do this each and every time i want to smoke food. how can i keep the thing connected or do i need to buy something better? TIA

My android has a wifi setting that when turned on, makes the phone seek to improve the wifi connection when possible.

After hours of screwing with trying to get it to connect, I turned that setting off (go to wifi >×settings) and VOILA!

Please refer to: https://community.inkbird.com/t/q-a-inkbird-wifi-product-connection-troubleshooting/152

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