My experience to protect plants from snow

When i was a freshman in my garden, the long winter and snow almost damaged my plants. Since i had the daunting task to clear several inches of snow in the freezing cold, the last thing on my mind are the plants hidden under there.
But don’t get me wrong, snow can act as an insulator to protect plants from severe cold and dry winter winds, also adds nutrients to the soil and hydrates the plants as it melts in the spring. So, for the most part, the white stuff is good for the gardens.
What i wanna share is something that you can avoid during removal.

  1. Make a mental note of where the plants are located so you can avoid them when clearing.
  2. When using a blower or thrower, try not to hit any trees, bushes, or garden areas.
  3. Mark the edges of the driveway, street, and sidewalks with stakes, so both you and the plow drivers will be able to see where the edges are and avoid any major catastrophe to your lawn and gardens.
  4. Use burlap or similar material to wrap the sensitive plants and secure it with twine until the temp gets warm enough.
  5. Do not dump the dirty salt-laced snow into your gardens or on top of any plants.
  6. Frozen branches and stems are very brittle and tend to break easier, so shaking or hitting them can cause even more damage than the snow itself. If you must do, just use your hands or a broom to gently brush it.
    If you have any garden-safe snow removal tips, comment below to share…

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