Latest/updated-INKBIRD October Events now are open to enter

We are very delighted to tell you that INKBIRD October event now is open to ENTER

(a) Prize: INKBIRD smart controller ITC-306A
(b) Rules for the entrance:

  1. Follow @INKBIRD_smart controller on Facebook.
  2. Comment its event post with the share of your first impression/ user experience about INKBIRD, or any aquarium tips/topics.
  3. Invite your friends to like your comment, likes above 5 will be on candidates’ lists. (More likes+more chances.)
    (c) Link to enter: INKBIRD_smart controller

(a) Pize: INKBIRD food thermometers and some exclusive discounts;
(b) Rules for the entrance:

  1. Like its Facebook post and follow INKBIRD food thermometers on Facebook.
  2. Which model of food thermometers do you want most? Type out the answer in the comments of its Facebook event post. (The answer you choose would be the prize for you.)
  3. Tag your Facebook friends in the comment, and over 5 friends tags will be on candidates’ lists.
  4. BONUS: Share this post with your story/groups.
    (c) Link to enter: INKBIRD_food thermometers

(a) Pize: INKBIRD smart sensors and some exclusive discounts;
(b) Rules for the entrance:

  1. FOLLOW @INKBIRD_smart sensors Facebook page on Facebook;
  2. COMMENT with one of your desired products on its Facebook event post (limited to INKBIRD smart sensors product line);
  3. TAG 5 of your Facebook friends in the comment section;
    (c)Link to enter: INKBIRD_smart sensors

D. Important items to be noticed:
(a) The above events will be closed until Oct 26th. And the winners will be announced on Oct 27th, 2022. All winners will be randomly picked and get the prize!
(b) The prizes will be shipped from the domestic factory of INKBIRD.

Please do not miss and good luck to all!

JUST BE THE WINNER!! :fist: :facepunch: :facepunch: