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For this campaign, we are offering 4 products as giveaways, they are:

:small_blue_diamond:Campaign Period: 6th February, 2023 ~ 26th February, 2023 (PST)
:small_blue_diamond:Winners announcement: 27th February, 2023 (PST)
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:sparkles: One winner gets one prize.
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USA, Delaware.
For the indoor growing box.

I could use the IHC-200-WIFI
Just got a new grow tent set up really need this!
Thanks :+1::+1::sunglasses:

Union, Ohio USA

Minnesota USA
Sssnake enclosure

Checking temperatures on my smoker

USA, Virginia
Use to control grow tent temperature

Rural Illinois, USA
Ill use it to regulate my ball python’s heat during the cold winter. Having access to temp. alerts while not at home is an insanely refreshing thought.

USA, Pennsylvania
Used to control heat lamps in a snake enclosure.

USA - https://inkbird.com/products/wifi-sous-vide-cooker-isv-100w

to add a different take on cooking in my Instant Pot

thank you

USA, Nebraska IPT-2CH To use with my heat for my white lipped python’s planned pcv upgrade. I have 2 of these now and love them. One I use on my hatchling rack and the other is in my box of gear for shows to control the temp on my travel heat. I am just a small time hobby breeder but my babies get treated with all the perks.

To use on the bbq circuit

Minnesota USA
We’d used it for online cooking demonstrations (making cheese)

USA Iowa ISV 100w
I will use it in my grow tent Thank you!!

Hey there! Thank you for doing this.

I’m from the USA (New York region)

I’d like to win the IHC-200-WIFI, to use in a growing tent.

12020 New York. I’d love the Ihc-200 wifi. I’m a small time cultivator that doesn’t live with his garden. It’s 45 min from me one way. It would be so nice to be able to control from my home. I already use the ihc-200 just not wifi. I have 3 of them and one hear/cool one. Thanks for the opportunity

united states, Texas. i would be interested in the ISV-100W. plan on using it in the kitchen.

Indiana usa
Snake enclosure

USA Missouri IHC-200-WIFI Need to use in grow tent. Thanks