ITC-308 WIFI trend

A few questions about the APP trends.

  1. Device time: from where is it taken? Or, better, how is the device synchronized?

  2. In the trend a temperature value is reported every 15 minutes, what is shown is the instantaneous value at the 15th minute or the average of the values over the 15 minutes?

  3. In the APP I can find a record of data for each day, Where are that data stored, on the device or on the web? How many days will be kept?

Many thanks for your help.

The time of the APP is synchronized with the time of the mobile phone. The APP will record data every 15 minutes according to time changes. It displays the instantaneous value of the 15th minute.
The data of ITC-308WIFI is uploaded to the cloud, and it can retain the data for 7 days.
So it is: ITC-308WIFI (connect to 2.4GHz wifi) → app (cloud) ← phone (wifi/ mobile network).

Hi Tania
15 min. is quite low frequency. Is there any way to increase it to at least every 5 min.? Every minute would be perfect.

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May I know in what scenarios do you need this function?
Is its temperature fluctuation relatively large?
I want to know if many people need this feature? If the demand is relatively large, I can submit it as a market proposal. Maybe engineers can improve it in the future.
Thank you :wink:

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I’m using it to control the central heating in my home. I’m not really using the trend chart because of the lack of precision.
Actually, I’d like to have more indicators on the chart:

  • the temperature setting. I’m using a scenario to modify it and I’d like to monitor it.
  • the ON/OFF status for heating and cooling to control the activity

is there an API to collect the data from the device or the app?

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Sorry, the API is not provided.
I will send it as a suggestion to the engineer, thank you.

thank you to all for go inside this topic. I’m using the ITC-308 wifi to control beer fermentation’s.
If the data on the trend could be more detailed it will be more usefull in order to better set the heating/cooling differential values.
To have at least 1 minute of resolution will be great.
Another question: at which frequency are updated the “real time” data on the APP?
Tank you

The real-time data of the APP is updated based on the readings of ITC-308WIFI, it may have a delay of 5-10 seconds.

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im having issue and post a topic also