Is there a customer service number I can call? Setting up second inkbird but says not supported ble

I have one inkbird wi fi controller that works just fine on one of my aquariums. I set up a second aquarium in a different room and bought a second inkbird. I set it up on my app but it says app not support ble device? Any idea how I can fix this? the first one works great on the same phone with the inkbird smart app

Please use the INKBIRD app, which is an upgraded version of the Inkbird smart app. It has fixed many known issues.
The Inkbird smart app has been taken down and stopped updating.

I did try the new app and it will not work. It says 5g not supported yet the other inkbird works just fine on the old app.

Please note that the Inkbird smart also does not support 5GHz wifi, perhaps your router has a signal that emits 2.4GHz wifi?
Please connect the new controller to the INKBIRD app.
For troubleshooting, please refer to this post: