IPT-2CH on new router won’t connect

So I got a new router and now my controller will not connect to it. The instructions in the app say hit the add button and confirm the LED is blinking on the device. This device looks nothing like the image in the app and it don’t have any LED on it… this are terrible instructions by Inkbird!

I attempted to proceed as if there was a flashing LED… and it can’t find my device… so I assumed it was an issue with it already being set up on another WiFi network. So I followed the app instructions and removed the device from my app., tried to reinstall it and now I get a pop up box saying “Regular members cannot operate. Please contact administrator to enable permission… wth is going on with this software?

When I try to go into family setting a black dialog box pops up from the bottom that says “you are in blacklist”

When I Google search this device and blacklist or administrator permissions nothing at all is found. And nothing in this forum… this doesn’t look good on Inkbird!

I’m sorry to hear that :cry:.
This problem may be caused by too frequent operations and I will contact the engineers to troubleshoot the problem.
Please wait for 2 hours and then set up again, or change to another app. For example, if you are using Inkbird pro app, please use INKBIRD app.
Also, please understand that IPT-2CH only supports 2.4GHz wifi, please check if the router settings are correct.
Please refer to this post:

mine is not even showing up on my iphone