IIC800 wiffi Irrigate different zones at the same time


I need irrigate different zones at the same time because occasionally I use a pump to have more pressure and I don’t want the pump is power on for so long.
Is an update contemplated to be able to irrigate at the same time? This functionality is very important to me. If I program the same watering time for several zones, I need them to start at that time and not sequentially.


Sorry, zones are started sequentially. They cannot be turned on at the same time.
I’ll send it to the engineers as a suggestion.

I bought the product for that functionality, that’s how it’s advertised on Amazon (https://www.amazon.es/dp/B09LV3ZQWL). If it is not contemplated to implement it, I will have to request a refund and buy another brand.

So, if you have 8 zones, each running an hour long, that must run for 8 hours, one zone after the other? They can’t be started one after the other and run in parallel?

Yes, it’s impossible to irrigate more than one zone at the same time. Others brands can do this but inkbird no

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That’s really weird, the manual says you can, and tells you how to select multiple zones for a schedule…

But looks like it only outputs 1A, so that is the problem I guess, not enough power to hold the solenoids open :pensive:

Bit of a let down.

This is really unbelivable. I bought this product specifically to irrigate more zones at the same time. On the Amazon description it says it can, while now you are saying it can’t. I’m going to return it immediately and buy a better product, and of course write a bad review.

Sorry for the confusion :cry:. My colleagues will update the description as soon as possible.
We have sent this request to the engineers, they will consider adding this feature to future products.