Ihc-200 don’t connect to app

Hello, I was using inkbird pro last year and was perfect. Now I switch to inkbird app and my device can’t connect. Same with itc 308 both Wi-Fi. Any sugestion? Thank you

Please make sure that in the phone settings, the permissions of the INKBIRD APP are turned on.
Please long press the up button of IHC-200-WIFI to make the WIFI indicator flash again, and then connect it to the INKBIRD APP.
For troubleshooting steps, please refer to:

Good morning. Thank you for the reply. Phone settings are turned on. App show message “device is not responding”. Light rapidly blink then I connect and after light disappear and can’t connect. I’ve tried everything. Hope you can help me

Maybe you could connect it using slow flash mode?
If it still has the problem, may I know if you have 2 phones?
If yes, please test:

  1. Turn on the hotspot of phone A, it will work as a 2.4GHz wifi router. 2. Phone A is placed next to the product.
  2. Phone B connects to the hotspot of phone A, and downloads the INKBIRD APP.
  3. Phone B connects to the product as instructed by the app.

Can it work?
If the product can connect to phone B in this test, it means the IHC-200-WIFI WIFI function is working.