IBBQ-4T connection issues

I have been using the same IBBQ-4T for couple tears now. Last night I noticed that I lost connection to WiFi. I reset the device and upgraded the app to Pro. I was able to add the device, but, when I moved the app icon to my home screen, I lost my device and now it will not pair. Only can use fast flashing wifi icon. When I try to pair, the fast flashing wifi icon goes out after 15 seconds and it does not pair. Is there a way to factory reset this device? Any other ideas??

Please download and use the INKBIRD app to try it out.
The Inkbird pro app will soon stop downloading and updating.
Please press the button of IBBQ-4T 3 times, it will switch the WIFI connection mode.
Please refer to this troubleshooting post:

Can it work?