HOW TO clean the temperature probe?

I often cook and have multiple thermometers, and i know keeping the temp probe clean is very crucial to achieving and maintaining the desired cook temps. But i found it a bit awkward to get at to properly clean my thermometers. Then i tend to my brilliant forum and acquire some wonderful tips. Here i’d like to share with you :sunglasses:

  1. All-Purpose CLEANER. it’s strong enough to remove the oil and perfect for stubborn oil stains.
  2. Washing with HOT SOAPY WATER after each use is a good way to maintain the thermometer.
  3. Clean it with a wet cloth/paper towel, and soak it with apple cider vinegar.
  4. Wipe with rubbing alcohol is also effective for killing bacteria.
  5. Sanitize it in boiling water and let it dry before putting away.
    If there are any other good tips, I’d like to have a try. Anyway, hope this would help all.

nice sharing. i’ll try it on my device ibbq-4bw

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