How do you autotune ITC 106

do you need to set a temp or just press autotune and leave it to do it by it’s self

If you want to maintain a temperature point, please set the target temperature SV first.
Then proceed to the auto-tuning (self-tuning) mode.
SV= target temperature
CtrL= AT (self-tuning)
Run= dm (manual inhibit)
Other settings are factory defaults.
During the self-tuning, the PID will calculate the temperature rise and cool down time. This process will take 2-3 control cycles to calculate the optimal PID setting value and automatically set and save. Enter self-tuning, it will display AT on the screen, after finished, it will stop flashing. You can use this mode several times until it can meet your need.
You can also set control period (CTL) smaller if you ask for a more accurate temp.
But if the heating power is not reasonable/ the probe is placed in an unreasonable position, the process will be long or unsuccessful.
Please run the self-tuning at the beginning of heating (PV<SV).

Hi Many thanks for the detailed information.