How do I Reset wifi connect mode moving from the Inkbird app to Inkbird PRO app

I’ve got the 306T and am currently using the Inkbird app successfully.

I have downloaded the Inkbird PRO but can’t get the the PRO app to link to my 306t.

Attempting to follow the instructions to reset the 306T.
I unplug then plug in.

But the 306t automatically reconnects to the wifi and doesn’t go into connect mode.

How do I reset the 306T to go into connect mode.

Anyone at all?

I’m deducing connect mode is trying to pair bluetooth to 306t and my iPhone.
Once paired the Inkbird app helps to find which 2.4ghz network and password to connect to.
Then updates the 306t to use the selected network and password.

Got passed the updating device once but got the Surever Is Busy. Try again later.

If you want to change the app, please delete the ITC-306T-WIFI in the INKBIRD app. Then please press and hold the up button of ITC-306T-WIFI to make the WIFI indicator blink. Please pair it to the Inkbird pro app.
May I know the reason why you want to change INKBIRD app to Inkbird pro app? Because the INKBIRD app is upgraded based on the Inkbird pro app, it has the functions of the Inkbird pro app.

Wow! That reply was excellent.
Thanks for the verbose response.

Now that you’ve clarified the Inkbird app, I won’t be upgrading after all.

Thanks heaps

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