Connecting device to the wi-fi

Devices won’t connect

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Could you please let me know the product model?
Please refer to this post:

I have the same problem.

App refuses to allow me to input a wifi network name.

inkbird iic-600

Deleted the app, redownloaded, tried again and it worked.

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I have two / ICH _308 and ICH- 200. I have tried everything, anther pH, anther wifi , deleted,the light won’t flash on either ,I have two and they work fine, my sister brought hers and nothing but trouble, can’t connect no matter what and I’m not happy at all, need these or things gonna turn to shit !!!

Done all nothing has worked!!!

Just to confirm, are you using the WIFI version model?
Because the ITC-308 and IHC-200 are non-WIFI versions, the ITC-308-WIFI and IHC-200-WIFI are the WIFI versions.
Do they have the WIFI logo?

Yep but they don’t have wifi writing on them but same yes

Ok my bad not wifi so what plug in and set them yea