Congratulations to the winner of the INKBIRD Christmas Recipe Campaign!

Thanks for your participation, the INKBIRD Christmas recipe campaign has ended!
The following is the list of winners. We will contact you, please pay attention to the private message or email :wink:.

:tada:Forum campaign:

1st place: Brandon Rodel
2nd place: Cory Taylor
3rd place: Craig Aitken
4th-10th place: Shane Parsons, Allan Moyer, Matt Blevins, Sean Beattie, Anthony Kelley, Robert Gordon, Dennis Ray

:tada:Blog campaign:

1st place: Armin Daniels
2nd place: Brian Blaylock
3rd place: Gman graham
4th-10th place: Steve Blakeston, Dorwick Wright, William Palmer, Jake Goldstein, Ralph Mullins, Ashley Eldridge, Scott Smith

Cheers! :partying_face: