Up to 40% OFF from Aug 25th, 2023 for INKBIRD IAM-T1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Dear INKBIRD customers,

Hope all is going well with you.

INKBIRD is going to offer big discounts for its new launch air quality monitor IAM-T1, It has a HIGH PRECISE sensor for our FAMILY PROTECTION monitoring our indoor air quality, for our FAMILY PROTECTION monitoring our indoor air quality.

THE DISCOUNT WILL BE UP TO 40% OFF FROM AUGUST 25th, 2023 for this latest indoor air quality monitor with the following key features:

:star2: Feature 1: World-leading Sensor of Senseair for excellent precision and performance with ±(30ppm+ 3% of reading);

:star2: Feature 2: Electronic Ink Screen with high reflectance, high contrast screen;

:star2: Feature 3: Humanity-centered alarm design, and display turns to white characters with a black background when CO2 over the safety level;

:star2: Feature 4: Ultra-long battery life for ultra-long protection, continuously working for 4 years with the officially provided AA batteries, when its sampling interval is 10 minutes;

:star2: Feature 5: We take actions to respect your privacy;

Hope you would like our new Indoor Air Quality Monitor INKBIRD IAM-T1 and kindly visit our official website inkbird.com to learn more about it.