Setting up the CO₂ Controller ICC-500T With S01 Sensor

Hi there I have recently purchased the CO₂ Controller ICC-500T With S01 Sensor I have watched the youtube video and have managed to set it up with one problem Im having is to work out the start time I have set up in tr1 mode @12 2 hr increments 9 set at 1200 ppm on and 3 @ 500ppm off the problem I have is the time it turns on.
How do I know or set what my start time is ? Does it go feom the time its plugged in or start at 12 oclock ?do I need to set the automatic to off and set it manually as I set it up outside then reintroduced it to the space at 12 this part is a litlle confusing as there seems to be no way to set the time to get it into sync ,im confused as I thought i had it right but then it seems to be switching on in what I thought was the off period any help would be greatly appreciated I see im not the only one who was confused by this.
Thanks for your help in advanced N.

Please understand that the time function of ICC-500T is to maintain different CO₂ ranges in different time periods. It cannot be set to turn off the output for a certain period of time.
It calculates time based on the set duration. It will start timing after setup is completed and exited.

So with 12 increments over 24hrs it will give me 2 hr increments from the time it is set ?
Thanks Neil

For example, you want to control the CO₂ generator and exhaust fan to maintain:
stage 1 1am-3 am 500ppm~600ppm
stage 2 3 am-5 am 600ppm~700ppm
stage 3 5 am~7 am 700ppm~800ppm
stage 4 7 am~9 am 800ppm~900ppm
stage 5 9 am~11am 900ppm~1000ppm
stage 6 11am~1pm 1000ppm~1100ppm
stage 7 1 pm~3 pm 1100ppm~1200ppm
stage 8 3 pm~5 pm 1200ppm~1300ppm
stage 9 5 pm~7 pm 1300ppm~1400ppm
stage 10 7 pm~9 pm 1200ppm~1300ppm
stage 11 9 pm~11 pm 1100ppm~1200ppm
stage 12 11 pm~1am 1000ppm~1100ppm
Please set
CS =550
HD =50
CD = 50
TR (timer setting) =1,
UT (time unit setting) =H,
MD (cycle setting mode) =0,
AT (auto mode) =1,
STA (stage value) =12,
SST (start stage setting value) =5 (if you want to start from stage 5, 9 am)
S01=550, H01=2, U01=n (do not alarm at the end of stage 1)
S02=650, H02=2, U02=n
S03=750, H03=2, U03=n
S04=850, H04=2, U04=n
S05=950, H05=2, U05=n
S06=1050, H06=2, U06=n
S07=1150, H07=2, U07=n
S08=1250, H08=2, U08=n
S09=1350, H09=2, U09=n
S10=1250, H10=2, U10=n
S11=1150, H11=2, U11=n
S12=1050, H12=2, U12=n
Please note that if you want it to start at 9 am, please set and save the setting at 9 am.